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The unheeded Black muses of art history

Black subjects in fine art have often been overlooked by art historians’ Eurocentric focus on White subjects. In Western art, Black figures integral to our history have been grossly underrepresented. The descriptions of paintings which do feature Black subjects often outrageously belittle their significance, and sometimes even leave them unidentified. Black subjects have also historically…

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Isolation recommendations: Three artists creating in quarantine

Quarantine: Week Four. Time has lost all meaning, and is instead measured by four waymarkers: is it espresso time, or decaf time? Is it time to create content, or consume it? Fortunately for us non-essential workers, there’s a wealth of new and exciting content to keep us occupied…  For searing hot social commentary: Ben Passmore…

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Special Gems

Hendrickje Stoffels by Rembrandt My special gem is the ‘Portrait of Hendrickje Stoffels’ by Rembrandt that hangs in the London National Gallery. While the painter tends to be well known for his dark and stoic portraits of wealthy men, this piece is a tender and intimate creation stemming from love and admiration. It’s a gem…

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Exploring ‘Art Deco by the Sea’ – Sun, Surf, Social Change and a very British kind of Escapism

Descending into the entry hall of the Sainsburys Centre’s cavernous underbelly is like sinking your toes into the surf upon the shoreline of a windswept British coast. The world feels different here – it is defined by sunlight and feelings of pleasure, depicting the joys of ease and possibility in simple swathes of flat colour…

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