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OUTPOST: Norwich’s Imminent Loss

OUTPOST has been a vibrant hub for the arts community in Norwich since 2010. An artist-run charity committed to promoting contemporary art, the OUTPOST gallery facilitates a programme of five exhibitions a year, in addition to managing offsite projects and events and running two artistic programmes.  The OUTPOST Core Programme is designed to support emerging…


Art in Wartime: Ukraine’s artists respond

War has often produced some of the most recognised pieces of artwork in the world. Simultaneously, war often leads to the mass destruction of art. The initial statement of this article might come as no surprise. Maybe it’s even obvious that this would be the case. After all, many of us would associate art with…


Guerrilla Girls: The art of feminism, and the feminism of art

So, you get the gist, here’s the list of ‘-ists’ inspiring ‘The Guerrilla Girls’. Their feminist, anti-racist, artist and activist, anonymous protests are highlighting the injustices pervading the art world. Employing disruptive headlines, sparking outrage, and exposing bias and corruption, metaphorically likened to ‘guerrilla’ tactics has led to their dubbing as ‘The Guerrilla Girls.’ With…


Art, Pretension, and Class

Accessibility in the Arts is an issue that practitioners high up in the art world have only recently begun to take seriously. Pursuing Arts being an elitist practice – or not even being an option for those of lower class or non-white backgrounds – has prevailed for decades. But when did the Arts become so…


Outpost presents: ‘Uninhabited’- Eleanor Rodwell

Lockdown changed the concept of home radically for everybody. In some ways it might never be the same. The relationships between our bodies, our lives, and each other were all shifted into another paradigm. Amid these changes, Norwich-based artist Eleanor Rodwell was working on her recent project Uninhabited which featured in residence at Outpost Studios…

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Anime as an Art-form

Holding hands, a boy and girl fall through the sky. She calls his name, and when Haku, an ancient river spirit, remembers a life before, the sky shakes around them with a thousand silver scales. The girl, Chihiro, falls. As she does, she realises that, like the mundane Japan she left behind, she can come…

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Banksy confirms East Anglian coastal murals were his creations

10 new pieces of street art found along the East Anglian coast were produced by Banksy, revealed in an Instagram video posted on Friday from his official account. Conceived in what he called “A Great British Spraycation”, the anonymous artist filmed himself wearing a hoodie to conceal his identity, spraying the creations at locations around…

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