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Let’s Get Creative?

Since the beginning of time, writers and artists have consumed narcotics. Music and drugs have long been linked, with shifts in genres often running alongside trends in narcotic abuse. Whether it’s an attempt to combat depression or out of pure boredom, we see evidence of the self-altering substances in their work. Even as early as…

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Most Terrifying Art

With Halloween fast approaching we delve into the scarefest realms of Carrie, Freddy Krueger and Count Dracula. Our deep fascination with fright has been evident throughout our evolution. Considering what is the most terrifying art out there, we come across some truly spine-tingling, hair-raising pieces. There’s something about horror, whether it be movies or their…

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Botticelli and Birtwell, Caravaggio and the Krays

Fashion and art: two whopping juggernauts constantly intertwining in a weird Torvill and Dean-esque manner on the frontlines of contemporary culture. The two complement and inform each other, fashion being somewhat greedier in harvesting inspiration and references from aeons of art’s historical practice. To this day a wound festers betwixt the two, rearing its head…

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History in Art

Many historical events have been represented in art. It’s a platform that has connected with and been shaped by history. Battles have always been of interest to artists: The Battle of Lexington (1775) and The Relief of the Light Brigade (1854) are not only accurate representations of a historical event, but recordings of the loss…


An appetite for destruction: Islamic State and the art of the ancient world

Dan Cruickshank’s BBC4 documentary, Civilization under Attack, was thought-provoking, considered, informative, but above all devastatingly moving. When you see Islamic State militants taking sledge-hammers, drills and explosives to the works of art in Iraqi and Syrian museums and historical heritage sites, all you can do is cry. The area was indeed a ‘cradle of civilizations’,…

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A world without literature

Imagine a world without art, language and literature to express ourselves; where the civilising aspects of the human race cease to exist. The ability to convey oneself through creative means is a powerful device. During our short existence on earth all our experiences are fragmented: dispersed thoughts, hopes and dreams, making life (at times) isolating…

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