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The Decline of Art

The BRIT award statue has been designed and redesigned by artists since 2011. If anyone still watches the awards show itself is by the by, given that seeing who will do what to the statue of Britannia beforehand is probably more exciting than the celebration of mediocrity it’s used for. The statue has been redesigned…

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Peeling Back the Curtain

Behind the curtain there’s a cacophony of last minute rehearsing, seemingly bizarre warm-up routines and stage hands prepping. It’s opening night and the audience have arrived en masse. Amongst the chaos everything has its place and the night is perfectly scheduled. The cast and crew’s excitement is palpable as programmes are handed out at the…


No drinking allowed: alternative ways to spend an evening

1. Pay Norwich food cycle a visit for a delicious FREE three course meal- 19:00 most Fridays (check the Facebook group weekly for any changes) at Quaker House on Upper Goat Lane, all are welcome to a vegetarian extravaganza! The team are dedicated to tackling food waste which means we get fed for free hurray!…

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Meet My Artist: Van Gogh

Most people think of Vincent Van Gogh as the stereotypical tortured artist – the guy who cut off his own ear. He’s a popular figure in art, but to anyone not doing an art history or an art degree, this doesn’t really mean anything. The only thing we know is that he must have been…

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The Sickness of Collecting: Inside Viktor Wynd’s Cabinet of Wonders

Viktor Wynd’s Cabinet of Wonders works on the level of a glorious picture book littered with fascinating glimpses into this lonely eccentric’s extraordinary lifestyle. The book, although a relentless visual feast, gives a real insight into the sufferings of an eternal aesthete and the sickness of collecting, a seemingly interminable addiction (I would perhaps propose…

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Flipping Skateboards, Flipping Maps

When Northumbria University geographers Jon Swords and Michael Jeffries heard that the Norwich City Council was set to vote on a skateboard ban in the City Centre, they knew they had to head back home to Norwich. Skateboarding and geography might seem unrelated, but a skateboarder’s mind can work in similar patterns. That’s what the…

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