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“Why are you doing music if it’s just to play in your room?”: A talk with Floral Image

I had the great honour of speaking with Norwich psychedelic rock band, Floral Image, in preparation for their single “Why I Leave” and subsequent music video. You can find their video on YouTube and Facebook Watch, and the single is on Spotify and Bandcamp. Floral Image consists of Fergus (guitar, vocals), Jack (Keys, vocals), Julian…


The resilience of Native American artists through the pandemic

The pandemic has hit us all in some capacity, but Native American artists and craftspeople have suffered a particularly huge loss. Creativity is an intrinsic part of tribal culture. For example, 77% of households in Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico, contain at least one self-identified artist, and so the lack of a physical connection has been…


A marketing feat

Featured artists are the music industry’s way of creating a ready-made hit. They aren’t good for you or your auditory tastes. This may seem a highly pretentious view, but it is well-founded.  Katy Perry’s hit California Girls gained its chart status by using the fame of Snoop Dogg. And it doesn’t stop there, she’s quite…

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UEA Artists Presents: Cosplay

I’m Eleanor and at weekends I dress up as fictional characters and prance around comic conventions. Well, not exactly, but that’s what most people assume when they hear the word ‘cosplay’. We dress up as our favourite fantasy characters and all get together at big meetups and conventions for costume parades, photoshoots, and competitions. Cosplay…

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Absinthe – A Liquid Alchemy

Certianly, drugs are bad, but who can deny the volume of artisitc endeavours that are born out of their effects? The clichéd image of the alcoholic poet or cocaine-sniffing artist that plagues the art world of the 21st century is a product of the history of the twisted relations between the artist and their respective…

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