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The resilience of Native American artists through the pandemic

The pandemic has hit us all in some capacity, but Native American artists and craftspeople have suffered a particularly huge loss. Creativity is an intrinsic part of tribal culture. For example, 77% of households in Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico, contain at least one self-identified artist, and so the lack of a physical connection has been…


Banksy and the migrant crisis

The ever-elusive Banksy has funded a search-and-rescue boat to aid refugees from north Africa attempting to enter Europe. The boat has reportedly rescued over 200 people and taken on board numerous bodies of refugees who sadly did not survive the journey, after being launched in secret from Burriana in Spain on August 18th. The bright…


Norwich Theatre heads outside after months in lockdown

Norwich Theatre has paired up with the Norwich-based circus company Lost In Translation to create Interlude in Chapelfield Gardens, a pop-up venue intended to host productions from 10th August to 20th September. Featuring comedy, music, circus acts and some productions that were expected to perform at the Norwich Theatre Playhouse pre-lockdown, Interlude is hosting big…

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‘Missing live theatre’: The arts cry for help as coronavirus ravishes industry

On Tuesday 21 July, tape reading “missing live theatre” was draped across the entrance of Norwich Theatre Royal. The appearance of the tape highlights the devastating effect of the coronavirus pandemic upon the performing arts, particularly live theatre performances. Theatres across the UK are currently shut as they are unable to run performances over safety…

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