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The student guinea pig

We all understand the stress of thousands of pounds of student debt looming over us (sorry to remind you of that), but just how far would you go to pay off the money you owe? Some students are going to extents that may be considered extreme. In order to be paid sums of up to…


Real life Waters of Mars?

It may sound like an episode of Doctor Who, but scientists believe that they may have found an underground lake on Mars.   Blurry radar scans of the planet reveal what is believed to be a frozen, salty reservoir some 12- miles across and lying around one mile beneath the surface of the planet’s South…


Antibiotic dry spell may be over

Researchers have discovered 25 new antibiotics after developing a new technique for growing bacteria. Bacteria are abundant in soil – most of the bacteria currently used to make antibiotics are from the soil – but previously only a very small number could be grown in the laboratory. However, using this new method, it is thought…

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