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“Why are you doing music if it’s just to play in your room?”: A talk with Floral Image

I had the great honour of speaking with Norwich psychedelic rock band, Floral Image, in preparation for their single “Why I Leave” and subsequent music video. You can find their video on YouTube and Facebook Watch, and the single is on Spotify and Bandcamp. Floral Image consists of Fergus (guitar, vocals), Jack (Keys, vocals), Julian…

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REVIEW: The Calls – Fall Inside Again

With the release of their EP Fall Inside Again, Leeds trio The Calls combined three previously released tracks with a pair of new ones. You can see the video to ‘I Should’ve Known,’ one of the new tracks, below. The EP’s opener, the two-thirds title track ‘Fall Inside’ is an upbeat start to the album,…

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Snapped Ankles – lost in an industrial forest

A slightly bemused Norwich came down with a freaky fever as what can be described as an industrial forest, took hold of the Norwich Arts Centre. The music on menu was a taste of the radical avant-garde: done with a feral appetite. Truly not for the faint-hearted. Snapped Ankles combined trees with trippy soundscapes while looking like Star Wars’ Ewoks with neon green lasers shooting out…

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Chromatics – Closer to Grey Review

For the past decade and a half, Chromatics have made throaty, whispered synth-pop albums that stick around. Compared to the rest of their esteemed catalogue, Closer to Grey is not entirely innovative, but it manages to raise the Goosebumps often enough. Old fans will find all the reliable elements here—vocalist Ruth Radelet’s smoky, inscrutable vocals;…

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Elbow Giants of all Sizes Review

Elbow are perhaps an unusual choice for an album spotlight in Concrete Music. Rightly or wrongly, they’re not really seen as a young person’s band. On the contrary they seem to have built up a reputation of being something of a ‘dad rock’ band, which I suppose is somewhat understandable given that many of their…

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Beneath the Eyrie by Pixies: A painfully middle-of-the-road sludge-fest

The Pixies have somehow made one of the most boring records to date. It’s disappointing that one of the most influential and pioneering grunge bands have produced a painfully middle-of-the-road muddy sludge-fest. This would be a perfectly satisfactory contribution from a debut act, or someone without any provenance, but in the context of ‘Surfer Rosa’…

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