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Robert Pattinson’s Filmography

Strolling down the magical hallways of Hogwarts as handsome Hufflepuff Cedric Digory, sparkling in the sunlight as heart-throb vampire Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson has successfully leaped between big budget blockbuster productions. These have included Harry Potter and Twilight, alongside notable art-house indie films. Spotlighted for his incredible acting capabilities, taking on versatile roles and collaborating…

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Guilty pleasures

Darkly Dreaming Dexter Everyone has watched the TV show, and basically everyone was disappointed by the ending, but I feel as if the book avoids that criticism. Well, the first one does, anyway. While it is unnecessarily edgy at times, the portrayal of Dexter here is far more playful and sarcastic than in the adaptation,…

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Joker: An incredible, visceral performance

‘Joker’ marks a new age for DC and Warner Bros. Once seen as marvel’s lacklustre competition, DC now welcomes projects completely separate to their cinematic universe. Telling the origin of perhaps one of the most famous villains in history, ‘Joker’ presents the story of Arthur Fleck and his downfall, leading to him becoming Batman’s ultimate…


Christmas TV: our favourite moments

Batman: The Animated Series S1 E38 Christmas with the Joker “In many ways, Christmas with the Joker isn’t one of the more inventive episodes of Batman: The Animated Series. The main plotline features a fairly standard adventure, with the Joker escaping from Arkham and taking a number of hostages before putting the Dynamic Duo through…


The lego batman movie

In a world where Lego reigns supreme, a brooding brick Batman (Will Arnett) eagerly awaits his latest big screen debut. It’s a curious scenario, a tiny toy securing his own big movie deal, but it’s a familiar one none the less, one spurred on by the astronomical success of The Lego Movie in 2014. And…

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Superheroes on film: the good, the bad and the ugly

Everyone loves a good superhero film, whether it’s the quick, slick moves of Spiderman, the intimidating sophistication of Batman or the class and wit of Superman. With this, comes a long, long list of movie portrayals of the iconic figures. Some have been great, some have been ok, some have been awful, and some just…

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