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US Election Countdown – 26th April

The American election is well under way and with just ten primaries left to go, most of the country is holding its breath to see who will win the Republican and Democratic nomination. Established facts: Trump really wants to build a wall; Bernie hates the 1%; and Ben Carson should really stick with medicine, not…


US Election Countdown – 8th March

1st March, otherwise known as Super Tuesday, saw more than a dozen US states elect delegates in the contest for the Democrat and Republican presidential nominations. Super Tuesday is a historically momentous day in presidential elections, and is seen by many to be one of the most important days for candidates in their bids. On…


US Election Countdown – 23rd February

The American presidential race is now in full swing, and whilst the propaganda machines are in full swing ahead of the so-called Super Tuesday on 1st March – the biggest day in the election calendar thus far, when 15 caucuses or primary votes are held – analysts and pundits are still reluctant to share their…