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Review: Metro Exodus

Of the many post-apocalyptic video games released over the last decade or so, titles in the Metro franchise have often came as close to the most typical – and, in a sense, brutalistic – visions of a broken future after economic, social and environmental catastrophe. Opening with a nuclear winter that rages across what was…


Fallout 76

Last fortnight, Bethesda finally released one of the most speculated but highly anticipated releases of 2018 with quite the bang – a nuclear bang, to be more specific. This is Fallout 76, the new post-apocalyptic, vault-based and mutant-ridden action role-playing game that, for the first time in the Fallout series, features online multiplayer gameplay as…


A new normal: LGBT+ representation

When I was younger, first starting out with gaming, LGBT+ people didn’t exist – at least not according to the games I was playing. All powerful gods with repetitive voice lines? Sure. Cities where everyone forgets that they are starving because you build a park? Seems reasonable. Lords of hell being trapped in gemstones by…

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The Music of Fallout 4

For a number of reasons music is hard to get right in video games. Firstly, there is the balance between the game’s original score and the collection of licensed music to get right. The original score helps to set the atmosphere and set the tone, with a number of set pieces which help you to…


UEA takes E3 – Part 1

It’s been that time in gaming again; the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo has hit Los Angeles with forecasts for the next few years in gaming. We’ve rounded up the most important moments of the conference for you. Bethesda E3 always provides occasions for us all to get hot under the collar, and the announcement that Bethesda…

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