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Biopic vs. documentary

Plenty of recent biopics have triumphed in the box office and undoubtedly, they make a permanent impression. A whole generation grew up with an idea of who Gandhi was purely based on Sir Ben Kingsley’s riveting performance of the Indian freedom fighter in the 1982 biopic. Similarly, it is Daniel Day-Lewis whose image pops up…


Biopics – Pointless genre or pointless argument?

Bohemian Rhapsody, the Queen/Freddie Mercury biopic that went through multiple directors, lead actors, and took the best part of a decade to make, finally got its release this year and people were… well, people about the whole thing. Some people adored it, saying it was a wonderful reminder of Queen’s music and many have praised…

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Review – Joy

Watching the first quarter of Joy is like vicariously drowning. Her early life flashes before your eyes, moving forward and backward in time through childhood, work, family, romance. The tempo and style are strange. Joy’s grandmother narrates, and she’s barely a secondary character never mind a primary one. There are bizarre dream sequences involving a…

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Biopics: Warranted Or Woeful?

You might assume a biopic would be the easiest film to make. After all, the story is already written, the character already exists for the actor to inhabit, and in most cases the awards are almost guaranteed. However, it can be very, very easy to produce a shoddy product because directors and writers fail to…

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