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A Day Exploring the Games Cafes in Norwich

As some of you may know, there are several gaming cafes in Norwich, whether you’re looking to play board games or video games. I spent a day exploring these cafes and seeing what they’re all about. The Games Table – Located in Lower Goat Lane  This board game cafe was the first place we went….


Board Games

The Game of Life When my family and I fancy an afternoon playing a board game, we usually reach for The Game of Life. It’s fun, easy, and absolutely hilarious when someone lands on a spot and has to give up all their money (it’s usually the sore loser among the group). The Game of…


A Short Discussion of Munchkin

Munchkin: a board game sweet by name but brutal by nature.  The goal is to get to level ten; sounds simple, right? In theory it’s easy: sell items, fight monsters and get free levels from treasure cards. It suddenly gets a lot harder though when you realise everyone you are playing with is out to…


Board of Christmas cheaters

The unstoppable steam train of Christmas hurtles forward, as does the usual drill: mingling with relatives you only see once a year, consuming more in one month than you thought humanly possible, and working your way through the usual slew of board games. Board games that are always accompanied by that kind of person who…


D&Dip your feet into Dungeons and Dragons

A new year means trying new things, and if you’re a gamer who’s still unacquainted with the world of Tabletop RPGs then do I have some recommendations for you. If you’ve played your share of MMOs and RPGs like World of Warcraft or Fallout then you’ll probably find yourself already uncannily familiar with the granddaddy…

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