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Review – Spectre

How can you modernise something as deeply rooted in tradition as the James Bond franchise? Spectre represents Sam Mendes’ final attempt at answering this question. He, like Daniel Craig, has made it clear in recent weeks that they will play no further part in the series – and so there’s a sort of ‘end-of-an era’…


Rosamund Pike? A female bond just won’t work

Ed Miliband, in an attempt to appear to be a normal human being instead of a malfunctioning robot, showed he at least knows one pop culture reference this week. When being interviewed about the upcoming General Election in which, obviously, he wants to be the next Prime Minister, he offered a little bit of an…

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Fashion in Film

The catwalks of Milan, Paris and London often give birth to iconic trends, however it isn’t only high fashion that creates monumental looks – the silver screen is also capable of this. Outfits in film have a great influence on the fashion world and inspire classic looks that stand the test of time. Cinema is…

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Decades of Film: 1960s

LICENSE TO THRILL Coming out in 1962 to a backdrop of cold wars and hot Beatles tunes, the film Dr No was a slick, cheeky spy thriller based on a book series by Ian Fleming’s James Bond series. The books were popular, but not as popular as the film series which is currently the longest…

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