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The Most Iconic Female Characters

Literature is filled with examples of female characters, actions, and narratives being overshadowed by their novels’ male characters. Whether this is down to the embarrassingly two-dimensional way that women are often written by men, or due to male characters being written a more diverse, interesting narrative. This nearly always involves a heroically masculine end-of-the day…


YA Love Stories

Traditionally, Young Adult fiction has been viewed as a more superficial genre. One where the same tired tropes are paraded around in different clothes, all trying to convince the reader they’ll be different from the array of books sat next to them. However, their greatest success comes in their representation of LGBTQ+ sexualities and gender…


Celebrating Disability Representation

Representation in books has always been important. However, when creating diverse reading lists, people’s minds immediately go to POC representation or LGBTQ+ representation. For whatever reason, I don’t really see much in the way of disability representation. Unless, of course, I look in certain spheres. Before university, I was an ignorant reader, my bookshelves weren’t…


The Importance Of #OwnVoices

Doctor Rudine Sims Bishop’s perceptive article Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors (1990) highlights how minority representation in fiction, particularly for children, is paramount in ensuring readers feel seen, their own lives recognised as an important part of our diverse human experience. In 2015, young adult author Corinne Duyvis created the Twitter hashtag #OwnVoices, to…


Most Iconic Contemporary Women Writers

Whilst there are many iconic contemporary women writers who could easily win the top-spots on this list, there are three British authors dominating my bookshelves this International Women’s Day. Bringing women together, these authors offer comfort and reassurance to their female readers as they spotlight the feminine perspective, raise important issues about womanhood, and forefront…


Anticipated Reads of 2022

2022 has already seen new releases receiving widespread praise, including Yanagihara’s novel To Paradise, which explores an alternative end to America’s Civil War. There are many more exciting reads lined up, here are a couple to look forward to. V.E Schwab’s upcoming YA fantasy, Gallant, released in March, follows Olivia Prior who moves into a…


Lights, Planets, People! – A Graphic Novel About Mental Health

In September, UEA’s Molly Naylor published her graphic novel Lights, Planets, People with artwork from Lizzy Stewart. The graphic novel features Maggie Hill, an astronomer preparing to deliver a lecture to women in STEM, whilst facing her first-ever therapy session.  Throughout the novel, we see Hill’s struggle with anxiety, panic attacks, and bipolar disorder, all whilst building up the nerve to conduct…

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