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Makeup from the movies

Themed makeup, for example to recreate the theme of a particular film, can be a cute way of delivering a fierce look whilst also paying homage to something you love. But some argue this is just a way to exploit customers into paying more for certain products. Most makeup in a collection themed around a…


Live life a little greener

Many of us has seen the massive increase in awareness around climate issues in recent months. With Extinction Rebellion taking Norwich by storm, and students planning to walk out on 15 March for #youthstrike4climate, it is clear massive action needs to be taken. But all that is futile if we don’t all do our part….

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Branding in music videos

For What do Nicki Minaj’s Pills and Potions, Lily Allen’s Hard Out Here and Azealia Banks’ Yung Rapunxel all have in common? Aside from chart-topping and mainstream success, a pretty blatant product placement of Beats by Dr Dre. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, you will recognise the image; the speakers are shaped like a…