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Gaming Across the World

[su_spoiler title=”UK – Land of Hope and Sackboy” style=”simple” icon=”chevron-circle” anchor=”Comment”]Despite the three major consoles coming out from America and Japan, video game development has moved around the globe and here in the UK sales are the third highest in the world. Although the UK gaming industry only employs around 7,000 people, it has a…

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Capoeira: a unifying dance

The distinctive twanging of a metal stringed long bow sounds over the din and bustle of everyday life and as if by magic, a circle begins to form. More and more people are drawn together by the strange-sounding instrument. A drum joins, and suddenly, two people are dancing in the middle of the circle –…


Experiencing ‘slum-tourism’ first hand

Slum tourism – there’s something about those two words put together that feels wrong. Tourism inevitably makes money, obviously, but is it wrong to make money out of areas that are themselves impoverished? Perhaps the most important question is where that money is going – does it benefit the slum, or does it simply put…

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Diary of a football phobic: part 5

Apparently shit went down in the semi-finals? Alas, your correspondent was otherwise engaged while Germany not only annihilated Brazil but minced up them and turned them into a bratwurst; but I saw enough on Twitter to be able to piece together the general thrust of proceedings in Belo Horizonte. Who knew that Neymar is literally…

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