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Why You Should Become Dependent on Independents

Sale! 60% off, 90% off! Most of us can agree that we love seeing these headings next to the things we want. Be it shirts, the latest Mad Max film or, indeed, video games, there is a certain attraction and satisfaction in knowing that we can shave a fair bit off the original price. It…

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How To Game On The Cheap

Gaming is an expensive hobby (one look at the price tags in your local Game store will tell you that) but, despite calls from numerous managing directors of the vast publishing companies, somehow game prices have continued to rise. This can be difficult if your choice is between Halo 5 and lunch for the next…


Maintenance grants scrapped in summer budget

In today’s Budget it was announced that maintenance grants, aimed at the poorest in society to provide financial assistance while studying at university, are to be scrapped by the government and that the £9,000 cap on tuition fees is set to rise. At 12:30 today the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, stood up in…


Students and shopping: Christmas on a budget

Every student knows that budgeting is a hard business, especially when it comes to Christmas. Most student loans have run out by December, and the prospect of having to buy multiple gifts and cards can be a daunting one. It’s important to set up a little budget plan. Putting aside a set amount of money…


Government ignores calls for urgent review of loans system

The government has ignored calls from MPs to hold an “urgent” review of the current student loans system, calling the demand unnecessary. Current predictions indicate that the student finance system will hold £330bn in loan debts in 30 years’ time. While the government claims that there is “no immediate pressure” on the system, the Commons…


High cost of university affecting new students’ academic preparation

Results from a Which? University survey have revealed that prior to the start of term, new students spend more time worrying about their finances than investigating their pre- course work. The results indicated that over three quarters of new university students research into what financial help is available from their university, while just over one…

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