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‘The bursary has been a lifeline for many of us, but for others it isn’t enough’

When the university announced increased funding for mental health support, students and staff rejoiced. Some, however, worried about where the extra money would be found, and now the bursary page has quietly listed reduced amounts and revised eligibility criteria for students starting in September. The irony is that working-class students are more likely to experience…

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Bursaries for new students cut by up to £500

Bursaries will be reduced by as much as £500 for next year’s cohort, despite the continuing rise in student living costs such as accommodation and food. Care leavers and students with household incomes of less than £16,000 will be hit the hardest, with £500 reductions of £3,000 to£2,500 and £1,800 to £1,300 respectively. Students with household…


Trinity of scholarships for students

UEA has launched three new scholarships for the upcoming academic year, created through more than £640,000 of funding from private donors. The funding will assist 66 gifted and talented students in pursuing higher education or continuing their studies in circumstances where they otherwise could not. More than 500 students have been aided by scholarships as…