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Editor's column

Another issue, another dawn

We’re almost there, as Jess writes in her Deputy Editorial column today. Applications for the next Editor-in-Chief and Deputy will soon close, and now only one more issue remains of the semester. I doubt anyone expected we’d be in a lockdown, many of us away from UEA, taking classes online.  Yet even though we’re away, university…


Boom or bust?

Next sales have soared this Christmas period by nearly 10 percent. Beating city forecasts, the unexpected rise in sales has led to higher profit forecasts for the year ahead. Analysts worried that slowing wage growth and heightened inflation would make Christmas shoppers tighten their budgets and spend less. Next total sales saw a 1.5 percent…


Charity trip organiser Student Adventures goes bust

A travel firm which specialised in organising expeditions for good causes has gone into liquidation, possibly causing charities to lose out on millions of pounds in fundraising. GBCE Ltd – which was trading as Student Adventures – collapsed on 28th August 2014, with students who had booked expeditions being alerted via text message and email….