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Are Vegans still craving imitation? Hmm.

The vegan fry up at Campus Kitchen comes with everything you’d expect from a proper English fry-up. The sausages are made using potato, adding a softer texture to the meatier pork sausages sizzling in the nearby tray. Putting aside the taste factor, how much does it matter that the vegetarian sausages are both visibly and…


There’s no problem with the beef ban

The ban on the sale of beef at uea(su) outlets has sparked outcry from students on social media. However, the fact that this motion was passed at the most recent Union Council meeting demonstrates that there is support for the ban. I, for one, am in favour of the SU’s initiative and think that those…


Reusable cups up by 64 percent on campus

Campus Kitchen has released data announcing an increase in people using reusable coffee cups of 40 times since last year. The amount of people carrying their own cups has increased from two percent last academic year to 66 percent this year. UEA’s Head of Sustainability, Phil Hunt, said: ‘This is fantastic news and is a…


Roo Pitt investigates postgrad spaces on campus

Following the new swipe card access installed for the Scholars Bar in Union House, Concrete asks ‘do postgraduates need their own spaces on campus?’ Firstly, it is perhaps important to break down the different postgraduate spaces. There are social spaces such as the Scholars Bar and Lounge, and Vista (located at the top of the…


Campus Kitchen vs Unio

Chloe Howcroft on Campus Kitchen’s home-cooked goodness After a long day slaving away in the library or having your brain fried (excuse the pun) by lecturers reading off a PowerPoint, the last thing any student wants to do is scurry off home to make a home-cooked dinner. Like a knight in shining armour, in comes…

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