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Catalonia declares independence

After years of public demonstrations demanding Catalan independence, political opposition, and finishing with the violent reaction of the Spanish national police, the Catalan parliament voted for a unilateral declaration of independence from Spain. The vote followed a referendum at the start of the month in which, despite being declared as illegal and anti-constitutional by the…


Catalonia: Crisis mounts

The situation in Catalonia is getting closer to breaking point, as the Spanish government has said it will meet to discuss invoking Article 155 of the national consitution. This would remove autonomy from Catalonia. The region’s leader Mr. Puigdemont has said the Parliament will vote on independence if Spain continues its repression. Direct rule from…


Spain: Catalonia chaos

The push for Catalonian independence has been gaining momentum in recent years, and the region finally held a referendum of secession on 1 October, in defiance of the Spanish Supreme Court. Catalan president Carles Puidgemont reported that out of the 2.3 million votes cast, 90 percent had backed independence. While he claims that this gives…


Catalonia’s hopes for sovereignty being threatened by Spain

Catalonia’s demands for the right to decide on their independence from Spain have been increasing since 2010, when the Spanish Constitutional Court declared its Statute of Autonomy partially unconstitutional after being criticised for referring to Catalonia as a “nation”. Yet, Catalonia has its own unique history, culture and language, and Catalan public opinion has been…


“The independence of Catalonia should be supported by any defender of democracy”

The Catalan government’s process towards the right to self-determination has become one of the biggest issues in the Spanish political field. The massive amount of support amongst the Catalan citizens for self-determination, which obtained an overall majority in the last parliamentary elections and which has led millions of people to march on the streets every…


Patriotic fiesta in Catalonia

Imagine being surrounded by passion. Citizens adorned in yellow and red stripes in parading processions, flags waved to the heavens, walls of noise surrounding a city, forming a fortress of sound. This is the heart of Catalonia, and it’s party time.