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UEA Angels secure Legacy medal

UEA Angels’ Cheer Stunt comp squad have placed third at Legacy, their second competition of the year. Legacy was held at Stratford’s Copper Box, the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic venue which now serves as a multi-purpose sporting arena. The Angels scored 89.70, improving on their result from the season-opening Future Cheer competition. President Emily Roe…


UEA Cheer Dance achieve national success!

On Saturday 9th March, the UEA Angels Cheerleading Dance Competition Teams headed off to Manchester where we stayed overnight in preparation for ‘Future Cheer’, a national competition which we took part in the following day. Future Cheer has a reputation for being a tough competition, in which we have struggled to place in previous years….


UEA Angels in Derby Day heaven

The balcony was full for the Derby Day Cheer Dance and Stunt competition which saw the UEA Angels triumph over the Essex Flames in both disciplines. The event began with the UEA Angels large pom showcase dance which elicited shouts and chants from the partisan crowd. The competition was then started by the Essex Flames…


Cheerleading: two, four, six, eight, males should participate!

Researchers at UEA have suggested that more men taking up cheerleading may lead to improvements in attitudes towards gender relations. Traditionally a female dominated activity, a UEA study suggests that more males being encouraged to join cheerleading teams may help to challenge ideas about gender roles. Two academics, from UEA’s school of Education and Lifelong…


The Concrete Sports Fair guide

Athletics Are you interested in joining athletics whilst at university or simply looking for a fun and easy way to get fit? Then we are the club for you! The UEA Athletics Club prides itself on being one of the friendliest and accepting clubs on campus – everyone is welcome to join. Whether you are…

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