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Remembering Norwich’s Cinemas

As residents of Norwich today, we know of the Vue cinema in Castle Meadow, the ODEON at Riverside, and Cinema City on St Andrews Street. Norwich has a rich history of independently run cinemas, unfortunately most of which are lost to time. While Norwich didn’t have a cinema on every street corner, it was once…


Post Lockdown Cinema

I am very fond of films. They are my favourite things in the world. I once watched 509 films in one year. I own an Odeon limitless card and for a long period, I had seen every single film that came out. This is my way of showing I care about cinema. And cinemas. The…

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Joker: An incredible, visceral performance

‘Joker’ marks a new age for DC and Warner Bros. Once seen as marvel’s lacklustre competition, DC now welcomes projects completely separate to their cinematic universe. Telling the origin of perhaps one of the most famous villains in history, ‘Joker’ presents the story of Arthur Fleck and his downfall, leading to him becoming Batman’s ultimate…

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Review: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the next cult classic. Let’s start with Quentin Tarantino. When anyone utters his name I reckon many of us think of the same thing. Violence. Extreme, graphic and bloody. It’s only after a few of the more famous deaths in Tarantino’s films pass through my mind that I…

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Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Series 6

Seeing a much-loved TV show saved from cancellation at the last moment would normally be considered a miracle. However, in the case of this Marvel Cinematic Universe spin-off, the unexpected continuation was a cause for concern. When the prior series was wrapped up in such a well-crafted and conclusive manner, it became difficult to picture…

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