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Exercise your right to vote!

Utilising your vote is crucial. Much as I hold my own political beliefs, I don’t care who you vote for. It’s about utilising that vote that you registered for. Maybe you are registered to vote, but made this registration due to a previous election, and aren’t planning to participate this time around. But quite simply,…


This beef ban is udderly undemocratic

As a result of a union council vote, the sale of beef in uea(su) has been banned. Consequently, Unio, shop(su) and bar(su) will no longer sell products with beef in them in an attempt to reduce the university’s environmental footprint. Unfortunately, this decision was made without sufficient consultation to the wider student body. It’s an…


Brexit and environmental policy

Changes to the UK’s environmental policy are imminent. A key paper authored by an independent group of UK and EU researchers, Brexit and Environment, co-chaired by UEA’s Professor Andy Jordan, concluded that irrespective of the type of Brexit served, the UK will gain greater autonomy in changing its environmental laws.   The UK has been key…

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