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Clive Lewis: ‘Do I still think that I can think things through in a sexist, racist way? Yes I do’

Waiting in the side room of Clive Lewis’ office at OPEN Norwich, we wonder whether the Norwich South MP wants to be Labour leader after his pal (most of the time) Corbyn. He’s got all the right qualities. We can hear him laughing next door: charming. Tick. He was in the army. Toured Afghanistan. Tick….


UEA students join divestment protest

UEA student activists joined a protest outside the offices of Universities UK (UUK) on 19th June to demand action on climate change, leading to an agreement that UUK will discuss proposals for universities to “divest” from fossil fuel companies. Protesters argued that UUK, the national organisation that represents and supports universities, was refusing to engage…

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