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Deputy Editors' Column

Soaring to new heights

Taking over as this year’s Deputy Editor for Concrete is a huge honour for me. Working alongside fellow Deputy Matt Branston and Editor-in-Chief Sam Hewitson, I truly believe we can soar to new heights. The wonderful section editors we have tasked with making the publication the best it can possibly be fill us with confidence…

Editor's column

New beginnings and a reflection

Here it is, the first editorial I am writing as Editor-in-Chief of Concrete. I wish I was writing this under different circumstances, with a print issue being scattered around UEA and campus bustling with people who read our publication. Instead, I sit at home in Edinburgh, hundreds of miles from Norwich and even further from…


Cheat at board games, not at life

I am a notorious cheat. I have never played a game of Monopoly without taking an extra twenty from the bank. Never a game of Uno without peaking at the player’s hand beside me. I’m not even sorry. Cheating feels like doing an extra practice run or loading up on carbs before a marathon –…



Getting sick abroad is last on my packing list but always a great possibility when staying in hostels and bustling through markets in high heat, surrounded by germs. However, becoming ill is avoidable, and manageable if we do catch something nasty. My advice is fourfold. Vaccinations These must be done in advance. Apart from the…

Editor's column

2017 is drawing to a close…

2017 is drawing to a close, the end of term bringing Concrete’s traditional round-ups and reflections with it. There was a general election, UEA brought the Derby Day trophy home once again, and a controversial statue made its home on the roof of the Library. Concrete interviewed Stephen Fry, Ed Balls, Michael Palin, Harriet Harman…

Editor's column

Solidarity and science

It’s cold, really cold. Across the city, student houses are beginning to have the ‘when shall we turn the heating on?’ chat. It’s a controversial issue: some students want to huddle by the radiator from September to April, others are perfectly happy to live in the Library until daffodils spurt and you can stop seeing…

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