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Deputy Editors' Column

Make it count

I love apricots. Juicy, tangy, subtle enough to feel fresh, small enough to carry in a lunchbox.  A few days ago, I ate an apricot on the bus to campus. It filled my body with a sense of joy, watching the sun peak between the trees on the Avenues, a soft breeze clipping my hair…

Deputy Editors' Column

Too many goodbyes, too many thank yous

It’s very weird to know that this is my last immortalised editorial. I always get stuck on writing these and they always seem to get very floaty and philosophical. Sorry.  The Concrete office has been the site of many giggles and laughs and many life lessons. It is the place where I was first given…

Editor's column

Thank you, Concrete

Welcome to Concrete’s eighth and final issue of the year. This publication prompts mixed feelings of both intense pride for our accomplishments and sadness that our time together as the 2021-22 Concrete team has now come to an end. I’d like to take a moment to celebrate Concrete’s success at the 2022 Student Publication Association…

Editor's column

How can this be our second-to-last issue?

In the moments before writing this editorial, I submitted Concrete’s last submission for the Student Publication Association’s National Awards. It feels very strange to be summing up our achievements across the year and sorting this information into categories in order to compete with student newspapers across the country.  I’ve spent many a late night this…

Deputy Editors' Column

“Where are the women?”

Recently in a seminar we were discussing the idea of “overlapping consensus.” The notion that no matter how different we are, two individuals will, somehow, find a similarity to each other. Even if that is as basic as wanting food, shelter and warmth.  “Overlapping consensus” essentially destroys two very big notions undertaken often in politics…

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