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Do Something Different

One of the main reasons that I personally adore travel is the variety that it offers. No one trip is the same as the next, and the opportunities to make each and every trip completely unique are endless. So how can one do something different with regards to travel? Accommodation is obviously an incredibly important…


Amazon turtle populations recovering well thanks to local action

The previously over-exploited Giant South American Turtle population is making a steady recovery thanks to the work of UEA and its partner universities in the UK and South America. Conservation teams have implemented a bottom-up strategy of protecting the turtles’ habitat by employing local people as beach guards. Their primary aim is to protect the…


“Students – the RSPB needs YOU” says alumnus

The largest conservation charity in the country, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, (RSPB) was founded in 1989 and is aimed towards engaging Ecology, Biology and Science students, who are interested in conserving the environment and attending wildlife talks and events. A local RSPB group in Norwich meets once a month at Hellesdon…


President Obama to expand Pacific Ocean marine conservation area

Last month Barack Obama signed a statement to expand a marine reserve in the south- central Pacific Ocean, aiming at protecting more of the world’s oceans. This reserve, which includes tropical islands and atolls such as Wake Island, Johnson Atoll, Jarvis Island and others, was previously established in 2006 by George Bush. The aim was…

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