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The Pack

‘—Südi!’ He hits the breaks and we’re thrown forward in our seats – I fling my hands onto the dash, saving myself, but I hear Silvija screech in the back as she slams against Juris’ chair. The dog slips from his perch on her lap, yelping as he topples to the floor. The headlights blink,…

Creative Writing


who scooped me out? who took a spoon from their draw and just started digging. digging at my pure, white, vanilla flesh. now you have only my vessel left. did i taste sweet? cold? sharp? i bet i shocked you. numbed you. sent shivers through your bones. who were you to do this to me….

Creative Writing


There is anger like a drug. The quick blaze stains your guts, twists them. You hate it, that fire flexing within you, lighting veins with purpose, pushing smoke to your tongue. You hand wants to grip, to squeeze. Your body wants to show the world how much you hate it. The energy churning inside you…

Creative Writing

Back to Black

The car ride to the coach depot was a dark one. Michael couldn’t believe he left his art portfolio on the bus. Cocteau Twins played in the background, the sweeping glissandos and airy guitar noises seeming as if they weren’t from an electric guitar, but sampled from the winds of Victoria Land itself. They made…

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Found my body washed upon the shore and panting The love that my soul shared reminded me of swimming And I remembered my child heart singing for the ocean. A wreck upon the ocean floor I remember the water in my lungs. Drowning and gasping breaths, I found that I could breathe again. I would…

Creative Writing

Three Contributors

Oh cloudy night reach down your kind hand to us We bless your appearance so forgiving and beautiful You cover those pretty stars those deceiving spies That betray us to that enemy of ours who hunts My brothers and sisters and has killed so very many And grieves me for I forget their names They…

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