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Emily Ratajkowski and image rights

Emily Ratajkowski is no stranger to posting provocative images on social media, but what becomes alarmingly apparent in her essay ‘Buying Myself Back’ for New York Magazine is that her image has not always belonged to her. The essay details Emily’s painful fight to secure the rights to her own self-image, while having her privacy…


Venezuela’s Supreme Court removes opposition party leaders

The Supreme Court of Venezuela, which is loyal to Nicolás Maduro, the current President, has ousted the leaders of two of the country’s main opposition parties. The decision comes ahead of this year’s anticipated parliamentary elections. The vote has not yet been scheduled, but this ruling is already fuelling suspicions of election fraud by Mr…

#BLM, Sport

Why the B in BLM is so important

‘White Lives Matter Burnley’. That was the message flown over the Etihad Stadium shortly after kick-off between Manchester City and Burnley. To some, this may not seem problematic. Indeed, few would argue with the individual words of that statement whatsoever. White lives should matter, not just in Burnley, but everywhere. Yet Jake Hepple, the Clarets…


Updates to the RSE curriculum

2020 is set to see the introduction of a new and updated RSE (Relationships & Sex Education) curriculum in primary and secondary schools in the UK. Primary school children are to be taught about their own wellbeing through acts of simple self-care, such as teaching the importance of sleep and spending time outside with friends…

Editor's column

‘What garbage editorial’

Above all, student journalism has taught me the following: you can’t chase a story in heels and a thick skin is as vital to your job as a pen. Luckily, this isn’t my first rodeo and I have both. Each week in Concrete is different, and this was no exception. We reached a record number…

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Please view responsibly

There is no doubt that art is incredibly powerful. It inspires intense emotions in its audience and can be tremendously moving. The bursts of feeling that art inspires are exactly the reason why art is so often abused. The artist is able to harness the power of art and uses it to his or her…

Arts, OldVenue

The Decline of Art

The BRIT award statue has been designed and redesigned by artists since 2011. If anyone still watches the awards show itself is by the by, given that seeing who will do what to the statue of Britannia beforehand is probably more exciting than the celebration of mediocrity it’s used for. The statue has been redesigned…

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