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The beauty of listening

Last week was the five year anniversary of my dad’s death. While I was able to visit my mum’s family in Cambridge, this year was my first time living away from them on his anniversary. I returned to Norwich after a two-hour train and bus journey, music blaring from my earphones as I entered the…


Technology damages children’s language skills

The Guardian recently released an article revealing that Clarks, the British shoe shop chain, has a new initiative for employees to engage in conversation with children in their stores. This resonated with me because my mother is a primary school teacher and for years has highlighted the noticeable drop of children’s communication skills. I interviewed…

Sex Survey 2019

Bite the bullet and buy a bullet

My friend’s mum used to work as an account officer for a sex toy company and she received LOTS of freebies. On said friend’s 18th birthday, her Mum made a pass the parcel, and under each layer was a sex related item. I got lucky (pun intended) whilst unwrapping my layer – it was a…

Creative Writing


Joseph Peters Met Mrs Fisher Down by the pier. Joseph said, “I don’t quite know what I’m doing.” Mrs Fisher said “I just want to get away. You know?” They went to a cafe nearby. Joseph bounced between water and diet coke, Mrs Fisher swirled her spoon into the milky foam of her coffee as…


Milo Filtness on breast cancer and her mum

It’s very hard to start a conversation about cancer, because as far as medical conditions go, it has a huge amount of emotional weight. Firstly, because one in two people are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK, so chances are that whoever you talk to about it, they have been personally affected. Secondly,…

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