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The season so far for UEA Ultimate Frisbee

Aye-Aye, or UEA Ultimate, is the university’s Ultimate Frisbee club. And before you ask, yes Ultimate Frisbee is a real sport. Feel free to join the club at one of its four training sessions each week if you don’t believe me. Despite some disappointing losses, the club has been doing well this academic year, growing…


The imperialistic accessory: costuming in modern period dramas

The Bollywood industry, which consists of big screen Indian movies in Hindi, only came into existence in the 1930s, when colonialism still had a tight grip over the South Asian region. Consequently, the West has had a huge impact on Bollywood films, even if it only manifests in the subtleties of the movies, such as…


Review of Rambert – Life is a Dream

Life is a Dream follows a different format than the shows Rambert usually bring on tour; instead of a myriad of pieces performed separately between intervals, this production focused on something like a full-length play, drawing on a range of influences. The dance show is primarily based upon the play Life is a Dream, written by…