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Teenage mental health in decline

Adolescence is the prime time for mental health disorders to emerge, with half of all mental problems beginning in early teenage years. Researchers from Liverpool and London have uncovered a decrease in the mental wellbeing of UK teenagers; a finding that is mirrored in teenagers across the globe. Data was collected from two large groups…


Barking up the wrong tree?

The Student Union’s (SU) weekly dog walking sessions are designed to encourage students to be active, using sport to benefit their mental health.  While some may argue dog walking isn’t really a sport, the SU seem to be doing the best with the cards they’ve been dealt. For the university body seems to me far…


Counselling waiting list hits zero

Average Student Support Service waiting times have been reduced to just seven days, with the waiting list for students seeking counselling reaching zero. This follows reports from Concrete earlier this year that average waiting times for counselling hit 41 days, with students waiting more than 60 days to receive support. SU Welfare, Community and Diversity…

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University say “still more to do” on counselling waits

The Student Support Service has faced further criticism after statistics covering the first month of this year showed no progress in an expected increase in standards. Waiting times for counselling in January were on average 41 days, with the Student Support Service aiming to reduce this to 30. Waiting times for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)…


UEA criticised over counselling course closures

Students have criticised UEA’s decision to discontinue its five counselling courses from September 2017. They claim that the withdrawal will have a detrimental impact for students currently studying at the Counselling Centre, campus counselling services, and on local mental health services. A “Keep Counselling” campaign urges the university to reconsider the decision. In an online…

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