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The Coronavirus Pandemic: Two years onward

Two years ago, on the 26 March, 2020, Britain was plunged into lockdown. Schools shut, businesses ceased trading, and millions of people were urged to stay home. Two years later and the government’s “Living with Covid” plan has been rolled out meaning the end of restrictions in the United Kingdom. Given the changes occurring these…


Has Boris forgotten about the vulnerable?

Boris Johnson has announced it’s time we live with Covid-19. But he hasn’t told us how. The perception our prime minister, weakened by scandals, is trying to appease to his backbenchers is not all that farfetched. Many of these backbenchers have businesses and investments impacted by Covid-19 restrictions and wish for life to return to…

Home of the Wonderful

Confessions, community and covid

The Facebook page ‘Concrete Confessions Between UEA Seshions’ sits at 16,837 followers, at the time of writing. Having been up since 2017, it has rapidly accumulated in popularity and influence as a hub for the online student community.   Scrolling down the page, there are a wide variety of topics and formats on display. There are…


Police break up Canadian protests

Canada’s parliament was closed whilst police began arresting Ottawa protestors who have blockaded the capital city for weeks. Hundreds of heavily armoured police were deployed on 18 February to arrest members of the protestors who have occupied the city with trucks in protest of Canada’s ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. The Freedom Convoy’s Twitter account urged protests…

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