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Coronavirus Breaking News: Sydney re-enters lockdown

Areas of Australia have been placed back into lockdown after a surge in the number of cases in parts of the country. 110 new cases have emerged in Sydney’s Bondi neighborhood, leading to a total of 128 cases within the country and resulting in new coronavirus rules being implemented across New South Wales.   Eastern suburban schools have also been caught in this outbreak, where 4 children…


Has the Pandemic Changed the Way we Grieve?

Why does grief feel different in 2021? Death has been a discussion of two sides since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. On one hand it is a statistic, a number to be watched closely in the hopes of freedom from lockdowns. On the other, it is a truly personal tragedy. Bereavement’s emotional importance, pandemic…


Coronavirus update

Now that England has entered Stage Two of the government’s plan to ease lockdown restrictions, businesses such as pubs and hairdressers have been allowed to re-open, leading to an influx of customers. Many pubs are facing a shortage of draught beers with the surge in demand, even though they can currently still only serve customers…


Post-Lockdown Anxiety: It’s real

This month officially marks one year since the UK Government announced the first national lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19. As of today, the country has seen three full lockdowns, and has had to cope with ever-changing restrictions throughout the year. Last month, the Government published a road-map to the release of all restrictions…



The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is under investigation by the WHO following its use being put on hold in 11 European countries. The decision was made after reports emerged of people who had recently been injected with the vaccine developing blood clots. The WHO however, has said there is no evidence to suggest the clots had anything…

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