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White oppression’s pandemic

Lockdown is a hassle for white, republican moms.  It’s a brunch time, lunch-in time, crunch time interruption,  deserving of a protest in Trader Joe’s  as mimosas and defiance and declarations of freedom flow and flow  past unused riot shields and PPE bikinis and forcefield clad M*GA hats  that prevent the armoured blows of batons on…

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There’s a global pandemic, they say. Stay inside. No none essential travel allowed. No driving to nice places. No leaving the house. The fear sets in. Everyone stock piles, rushing to buy as much food and toiletries as they can. And then. Nothing. No motorways packed with back to back vehicles. No cars being used…


UEA creative writing 50th anniversary project

To celebrate 50 years of Creative Writing at UEA, the university has announced a new project, aimed at an exploration and development of the relationship between literature and technology. ‘Future and Form’, as it has been named, will see a collaboration between writers and technology partners across nine months, with the evolution of storytelling in…

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