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Darkness, warmth, then glittering cold and harsh lights. The sounds of a world unmuffled by water and flesh. A sharp hand descends on your buttock and you choke on fluid and air and the first piercing scream of your tiny life. Gently cradling hands and harsh latex gloves deliver you into the world, out of…

Creative Writing


There is a statue in the square with my face stitched onto it in stone. It is uncanny granite, and I stare at it a long while, face to face with me, eyebrows raised so they are higher on flesh than they are on stone. I smile at myself.  There is a statue. In the…

Creative Writing


This is what she had always wanted in life: a nice house which had a white picket fence on the perimeter, a labrador named Jasper, and, of course, her dream man.    It was all Anna had wanted since the age of seven, when her teacher had made everyone in her primary school class write about…


Nothing Happens in a Petrol Station

On opening night, I huddled into UEA’s Drama Studio for Minatour’s first show of their season. I was also particularly excited as it was my first piece of live theatre I had seen since the pandemic. The play entitled Nothing happens in a Petrol Station performed for three nights at UEA’s Drama Studio. It was…

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His Last Gift

She found his letters in a black chest in the attic, the morning after his funeral. Her eldest told her to be careful, but as soon as she found out her husband had left her something, no rickety stairs or cobwebs could deter her. She sat cross-legged in front of the chest and unlocked it….

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