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Attempted Robbery on Larkman Lane

At approximately 9.15pm on Wednesday 9th January an unidentified man wearing a skeleton mask and gloves entered the Kwiksave store on Larkman Lane, a popular area for student housing. The man threatened the manager Arulampalam Rajiharan (known as Raj) with what appeared to be a gun and a hammer. Raj used a broom handle to…


Travelling to “Dangerous Destinations”

I was scrolling through the segment of the British government website that offers British citizens advice on which countries are currently too dangerous to visit. It cities killings, political instability and theft as some of the reasons why one should not go to a country. Many of the ‘dangerous’ countries that were listed were far…

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Catton Grove Road Co-Op robbed

A man has been charged with robbery following an incident at a Co-Op supermarket on Catton Grove Road at 8:30pm last week. Armed police approached the scene of the crime shortly afterwards, where Ryan Smith, 42, was arrested. He is believed to have been local to the area, living on Woodcock Road – adjacent to…

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