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Are big brands impeding on local cuisines?

When I was younger, my parents had a rule on family holidays that we could not eat at McDonald’s or Starbucks when we were away. A way of preserving the cultural experiences of our trips, this unfortunately didn’t always work. A late night McDonald’s after a delayed flight and a Starbucks early the morning after…


Hidden gems of the culinary world

No matter where you travel, you have to challenge yourself to the local delicacies, as the chances are you’ll never eat it back home. After all, travel is about experiencing the differences and understanding how others live their lives. Admittedly, it doesn’t always work out, however, if you take a chance on the dishes below,…


Best and worst airline food

I don’t know about you, but I look forward to meal times during flights. Not only does it pass the time, but I am always excited to receive the little trays and finding out what is in each of the compartments. If you’re like me, airline food can really determine the whole flight experience, so…


Best noodle dishes around Asia

It’s the time of year when you try to run away from the winter blues by eating warm, delicious and comforting food. For many of us international students, noodles often remind us of home. As a tribute to all my cold and homesick Asian brothers and sisters out there, here are some of the best…


Sylvie Tan explores Norwich culture

Leaving home for university can be daunting, especially for us international students as we have travelled far from home. Have no fear! Norfolk is often underestimated for being a cultural city filled with lots of authentic shops, restaurants and places to explore, giving you a slice of home as well as an opportunity to explore…


How to travel like a foodie

Whilst there are many reasons why people travel, for me personally, many of my travel experiences have been centred around food. Whether it be fond memories of developing a slight obsession with ‘Gateau Basque’ or ‘Basque cake’, a hybrid between a flaky shortbread and a custard tart, filled with almond flavored filling, whilst on holiday…

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