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The cult of Supreme

If you find yourself walking through the streets of SoHo and stumble across a queue of hundreds of young people eagerly awaiting something, you might assume a movie star or singer is in the vicinity. However, the more plausible answer, is that you’ve stumbled across a Supreme shop.  Instantly recognisable (whether you’re a fashion fanatic…


Nightflyers – outdated and laughably clichéd

The new Netflix series, Nightflyers, an adaption of George R.R. Martin’s novella by the same name, is not worth its cost in time. If the series offered some of the elements that we know Martin to be good at, such as world and character building, the story would have a certain credibility, however it is…


Recently played: Darksiders III

While being a fairly unacknowledged series in the gaming industry, Darksiders has been adored by fans of the comics and video games alike since the start of this decade. If Darksiders III – the newest title in the series – is anything to go by, it entirely makes sense why the franchise is becoming a…