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Blackpool IVDC 2019

On the 23 February, a few of our members recently attended the biggest university Dancesport competition in the UK, Blackpool IVDC. Blackpool is famous for its ballroom scene, and the Winter Gardens, where the competition takes place, is spectacular. The competition day is incredibly demanding, with most competitors waking up around 4-5am to get ready…


Dancesport – UEA Comp

Dancesport’s UEA Friendly, held in the last weekend of January, is one of our most anticipated competitions of the year and was a huge success this time round. The committee, led by the Team Captain, worked incredibly hard to make this spectacular event. Dance competitions cannot run without officials, which include adjudicators, compères, scrutineers and…


UEA’s first charity dance show an “unprecendented success”

On Sunday 2nd December, six dance clubs and societies came together to present UEA’s first Charity Winter Dance Show, raising money for the homeless of Norwich. The show was an enormous success, managing to surpass the fundraising goal of £1,000. The clubs usually organise a collective end-of-year dance show in May where they showcase what…


UEA Dancesport visit Nottingham

After a painfully early start, our competing couples headed to Nottingham University’s annual competition held at King’s Hall in Stoke. The day began with Ballroom, where we received 22 call-backs between us. Latin took place in the afternoon, where we received 16 call-backs! We are exceptionally proud of beginner couple, Will and Ruut, who made…


Dancing to win

As Derby Day approaches, the dance clubs at UEA prepare for their final competitive performances of the year. Last year, we saw unparalleled success in most of the dance categories, with performances from Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, and DanceSport. Highlights of 2017’s rivalry included a collective dance score a huge four points for UEA….

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