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Clive Lewis: ‘Do I still think that I can think things through in a sexist, racist way? Yes I do’

Waiting in the side room of Clive Lewis’ office at OPEN Norwich, we wonder whether the Norwich South MP wants to be Labour leader after his pal (most of the time) Corbyn. He’s got all the right qualities. We can hear him laughing next door: charming. Tick. He was in the army. Toured Afghanistan. Tick….


‘Brexit is genuinely pointless’

Several of the most important votes in recent British political history took place this month. The first of these was another vote on Theresa May’s negotiated deal, also known as Meaningful Vote 2. This was once again rejected, though this time it was the fourth largest defeat in Parliamentary history as opposed to the largest….


How has David Cameron managed to distance himself from the Conservative’s poor public image?

David Cameron should be in a seriously painful public position, the knife of public opinion scraping viciously against his ribs, searching for his heart. But this isn’t happening, why not? The electorate hate disunity, infighting and squabbles, it looks especially bad in the Tory party because of the ‘nasty party’ image that still follows a…


Leaving the EU could be detrimental for British science

It’s the big question on everyone’s mind: will Britain remain in the EU? Leaving the EU could have lasting impacts on science, as Professor Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel Prize winner, believes UK research would struggle to find funding, inevitably selling “future generations short”. Alternatively, a group of scientists believe British institutions would receive similar amounts…


Cameron backs plans for new higher education legislation

The Prime Minister is said to be in support of the need to introduce new higher education legislation. A consultation paper was released by the UK government on 6th November that could result in a reformed higher education system, with changes proposed to tuition fees, administration, and quality assurance. It proposes a system by which…


Cameron’s prison reforms place a needed focus on rehabilitation

Earlier this month, the Prime Minister announced proposals for a dramatic “overhaul” of Britain’s penal system, starting with six “reform prisons”, in what he deemed the “biggest shake-up of prisons since the Victorian era”. Many of us will no doubt be greatly skeptical of any speech which claims “Michael Gove is just the man for…


Cameron may be pro-equality, but is it enough?

It would be fair to say that the Tories have a somewhat chequered history when it comes to LGBT+ rights. To give one example: in 1987, at the Conservative party conference, Margaret Thatcher announced it was her belief that “children who need to be taught to respect traditional morals” were instead “being taught that they…

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