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Brexit Box

As we enter the month of Brexit, Concrete is here to provide you with the latest updates from Parliament as 29 March rapidly approaches. Prime Minister Theresa May has offered what some see as a dramatic policy change on her Brexit strategy. She will present MPs with a series of votes on the 12, 13…


Comment Box: No-deal impact on students

Vivienne Stern raises valid concerns shared amongst myself and many other EU nationals. The UK used to look like an educational sanctuary to international students with it’s attractive universities and highly publicised international acceptance rates. But now? With the proposed Brexit date looming without any clear idea of what this would mean for international students…


Brexit deal: ‘The country is in shambles’

When Theresa May announced her most recently negotiated Brexit deal, it faced immediate pushback from the DUP, from Labour, and even from May’s own cabinet. Nearly every political party said something along the lines of ‘we will not vote for this deal’, meaning it has essentially no chance of passing. The fundamental issue is that…


Brexit Box

With the Parliamentary recess over, now is the perfect time to take stock of the Summer’s Brexit headlines (and a few stories that were easy to miss).   The big pre-recess headline was Theresa May defying expectations of a shift towards a hard Brexit, by releasing a brief from Chequers in July that would keep…


“Brexit bullies” paradox

Commons Speaker, John Bercow risked becoming Britain’s latest ‘saboteur’, last week. At least, that’s what the Brexit cheerleaders would have you believe. The Chancellor Philip Hammond was labelled as such for daring to highlight the challenges of Brexit, and Bercow caused outcry when he suggested that MPs could vote against any Brexit deal. He said…


Is it time to exit Brexit?

1 year and 4 months post the referendum we find public support for Brexit at its lowest since the referendum. A YouGov poll found that just 42% of voters now think it was right to vote to leave, and 14% of those who did vote leave are now either saying they made the wrong decision…

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