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Caroline Lucas joins students for the People’s Vote debate

Students were given the opportunity to discuss Brexit with former Green Party leader Caroline Lucas. The talk was organised by the Our Future Our Choice (OFOC) movement, in partnership with UEA Liberal Democrats and UEA Politics society. The panel was organised with the aim to give students a platform to discuss the impact of Brexit,…


Sweden in political limbo after general election

After the general election on 9 September, Sweden seems to have split in half, with Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden Democrats), nestling ominously in the middle. The party of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, Sosialdemokraterna (The Social Democrats), remained the country’s biggest party with 144 mandates, while the four centre-right parties making up the opposition, dubbed Alliansen (The Alliance),…


In favour of Jo Johnson’s reforms

[hr gap=”null”]This holiday, Jo Johnson implemented reforms to the university system that have been labelled as the biggest in 25 years. Amongst these was the creation of the new Office for Students – which will regulate university outcomes, chiefly, free speech. There will be measures to stop universities ‘no-platforming’ speakers with the aim to create…

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Why May won’t debate

After watching The Battle For Number 10, Question Time and the BBC Election Debate one thing has become clear; May doesn’t mix with politicians. It seems our current Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party doesn’t want to join in with the others. She has refused to debate with political candidates. She says squabbling…


NFL’s Kaepernick sparks anthem boycott controversy

It was during the national anthem of the pre-season game against the Green Bay Packers that Colin Kaepernick sat down. He did this again several days later. When he did it a third time, it caused a national frenzy. Kaepernick explained his reasoning, stating that he was not going to “show pride in a flag for…


Ukip event to go ahead as union officer targeted

Following the postponing of a political discussion featuring speakers from Ukip, an online attack has been launched on the student union’s Postgraduate Education Officer, Liam McCafferty. After a decision was taken on Thursday 27th November to postpone the debate, which was organised by the PSI Society, “due to the review processes for external speakers not…


Faux Fur – The Debate

Pro Faux Fur – Katie Wadsworth Far from being a fashion faux pas, faux fur is a great way to inject texture and old school glamour into your wardrobe and its back in a BIG way this season. You might not get the hype about faux fur; perhaps your only experience of it is a…

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