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Memory Loss

My name is Lucy Greenland. I’m 56 years old. I have three sisters, and a brother. I had a brown Labrador called Billy. My parents were teachers. I broke my arm once whilst riding my bike. I had a red cast on for eight weeks. My favourite colour is orange. I wanted to be a…

Creative Writing

The Mirror

As I study the face I see before me,Old but with wisdom in those lines,The wrinkles tell a story of who they were,When they laughed, and when they cried. I look at the woman quietly sitting there,Her hair so short, fragile, and grey,Quite a contrast to the fiery red locks I had,That I walked proudly…


Are footballers more at risk of developing dementia?

Dr Michael Grey, of UEA’s School of Health Sciences, has a list of expertise matched in length only by the number of universities at which he has conducted his research, ranging from Aalborg and Copenhagen in Denmark, to Jyvaskyla in Finland, and Birmingham, before joining UEA in 2017. His field of expertise dips its toes in non-invasive electrophysiology, transcranial…


UEA launches pioneering dementia research

It is well known that there is a link between sleep disturbance and dementia. Good sleep is essential to maintain cognitive activity such as memory recall – a task people with dementia often struggle with as the disease progresses. However, scientists are still trying to underpin the nature of this relationship: whether sleep disturbances are…


Dementia: Britain’s Biggest Killer

New figures from this year have shown that dementia, the most common type of Alzheimer’s disease, has overtaken heart disease as the cause for the most deaths in Britain. It has also been discovered to account for more deaths in women, at 15.2 percent of all deaths, than in men. The change seems to be…


£2m programme for dementia research

Researchers at UEA’s Norwich Medical School have been awarded more than £760,000 as part of an initiative to investigate dementia risk reduction. The funding is part of a £2 million investment from Alzheimer’s Research UK in four cutting edge projects, and will be the largest charity based funding of its kind. The project will be…


Possible breakthrough in dementia treatment

Scientists have made an important breakthrough with a new drug that is designed to tackle Alzheimer’s disease. Research suggests that it is possible to clear the amyloid plaques growing in the brain, which is the main cause of dementia. Dementia develops when abnormal proteins surround brain cells and their internal structure is severely affected. Chemical…


Norfolk leading in dementia research

UEA researcher Professor Michael Hornberger and telecommunication company Deutsche Telekom have been working on the development of new diagnostic tests for dementia. This research has involved the development of a mobile game designed to develop understanding of how the brain works and an app which provides insights into the way people navigate every day. Home…

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