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Hong Kong Protests

Protests continue in Hong Kong as focus shifts to demands for a more democratic and autonomous system.The initial causes of the protests erupted in June over a controversial Extradition Law that would have seen suspected criminals transferred to mainland China for trial. This caused various human rights concerns from both protestors and the various members…


Gina Miller at the UEA Literary Festival: ‘Is democracy broken? Is it time for an evolution in democracy?’

Gina Miller has proposed that the remain campaign would fail to win in a second referendum, in a highly anticipated appearance at UEA’s Literary Festival. This comes in the wake of today’s ‘meaningful vote’ in Parliament, a vote that would not exist without Miller’s activism against the British government. Speaking to her student audience in…


Do not underestimate the Lord’s influence

The House of Lords recently voted against Government plans for the Brexit deal, forcing the House of Commons to take another look at the proposed policy, with amendments added by the Lords. Obviously, this has been a divisive move. This has provoked outrage at the unelected blocking the so-called “will of the people.” This criticism…


Union election results 2016

The results of the elections for full- and part-time officer positions at the Union of UEA Students were announced last night. Jo Swo was re-elected as Welfare, Community and Diversity officer with the largest vote ever achieved by a single candidate. Swo told Concrete: “I’m really happy to have been re-elected as Welfare Officer and…

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Union council meeting labelled “shambolic” by councillors

Union Council, the democratic decision-making body of the Union of UEA Students (UUEAS) has faced widespread criticism from councillors present at the its first meeting of the year. Last Thursday’s meeting was criticised by councillors who claimed to be “shocked” by council’s conduct, angry at the showcasing of “personality politics” and annoyed that the meeting…


Hong Kong: why the fight for democracy is so important

The end of September marked the 65th anniversary of the Communist Party in China. The mood on the streets of Hong Kong, however, was anything but celebratory. The streets were, and continue to be, awash with tens of thousands of student protesters angered by recent changes to the electoral policy of Hong Kong. Whilst everyone…

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