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Long live the Christmas jumper

Christmas jumpers: warm, cosy, and seasonally appropriate. What’s not to love? While there are some Christmas jumpers out there that do tend to deviate a little on the tacky side, most Christmas jumpers are like a warm hug. Even if they are tacky, that’s part of the magic. What fun is Christmas if it can’t…

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I often think about all the loose threads I throw away. How many times I’ve cut the circulation in my thumb whilst pulling a stubborn cotton thread off the hem of a sleeve. The throbbing sensation as the blood charges back into my finger like commuters cramming onto the tube at rush hour. Those small…


Costume Design for the Big Screen

Despite the fact that I was sat at the very back of the room, and the lack of a microphone meant I found it very difficult to hear what was being said, I really enjoyed the sold out ‘Costume Design for the Big Screen’ Q&A with Glyn Dillon, the fashion designer who worked on The…

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UEA Artists Present: Zines

Whenever I get into a discussion about print culture, I always have to bite my tongue to stop myself saying “well, since the invention of the printing press in the fifteenth century…” and enter into a lengthy description of the role the printing press and its part in the reformation. Then, I realise that what…

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The Decline of Art

The BRIT award statue has been designed and redesigned by artists since 2011. If anyone still watches the awards show itself is by the by, given that seeing who will do what to the statue of Britannia beforehand is probably more exciting than the celebration of mediocrity it’s used for. The statue has been redesigned…


How to make your own lavender-scented heart

DIY can be daunting for some, spelling out expensive materials and complicated instructions which leave you frustrated and wishing you’d just gone to the shops! But this doesn’t have to be the case. These lavender scented hearts not only look great but they’re really simple to make and easy on the purse strings. They can…

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