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The first digital Earth Day

April 22 marked the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, a day where millions of people join together to flood the world with hope, optimism and action. Typically, Earth Day consists of marches, clean-ups and petitions; however, this year, it looked a little different. Prompted by the Santa Barbara oil spill, the first Earth Day was…


UEA teams with NHS to improve aphasia research

The Eastern Region arm of NHS research (National Institute for Health Research) has teamed up with UEA’s Aphasia Research Collaboration to take the first step in improving the experiences of research participants with Aphasia. Aphasia is a language impairment whereby patients have difficulty with speaking, reading and/or writing in many different ways. For example, they…

Sex survey 2018

Harassment in the digital age

Sending and receiving unsolicited sexual images is becoming more and more reported in the media. Reportedly, ABC News said millions of women openly complain about receiving explicit photos from all social media platform and dating websites. According to Concrete’s survey, 34.9% of UEA students have received unsolicited sexual pictures and messages when using a dating…


Film is not dead

It has been over forty years since the invention of the first digital camera back in 1975. Despite it being only 0.01 megapixels, it started a revolution; it began the age of digital photography. Gone were the days of having to develop the film in a darkroom – instead, images were immediately stored to the…

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