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Endangered pileated gibbon born at Blackpool Zoo Ivy and Chamoa, two pileated gibbons at Blackpool Zoo, have recently become proud parents. This is the third gibbon born to this pair, with there being only 14 living in zoos across the UK. Pileated gibbons are currently classified as endangered, so this bodes well for the future…


‘Impossible’ physics theory finds application

It may have taken 40 years, but Professor David Andrews’ physics theory, proposed at UEA back in 1979, has finally found its application. A real-world application for his work ‘could never have been imagined’ said Prof Andrews, talking about when his work was published. But now researchers at the University of Bath have confirmed the…


Face masks: are they worth the fuss?

Face masks, for me, have always been a sociable skin treatment option.  I wash my face every morning and night with whatever sensitive face wash was last on offer in Boots. I make sure to cleanse after with some facial toner. And, when my face is feeling oilier than normal, I will sit over a…

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Every day is a revelation. Even though the fantastical illusion of youth has been overshadowed by dreary routine, there is still wonder woven into the fabric of life. Day by day, we roll on like sand dunes on the horizon of a lonely desert — waiting for something to captivate us, like everything seemed to…


UK flour to be fortified with folic acid

On the 14 October 2018 it was reported that government ministers would support a plan to fortify flour in the UK with folic acid in the coming weeks. However, on the 23 October it was then announced that the government would launch a consultation into the fortification of flour with folic acid in early 2019….


UEA’s outreach with Norwich Science Festival

On Monday 22 October, Concrete and Norwich Science Festival teamed up to run a workshop for young writers looking to get into science writing. During the workshop, the students were given a talk on how science writing may differ from writing for other sectors of the newspaper, such as News or Features. The students were…

Creative Writing

A Wakeful Dark beneath the Eyes

Words cannot describe how sorry I am. I know exactly how you came across this, which books you’ve frantically read, what you desperately scoured the internet for in the dead of night. All in order to find out why your classmate, your friend, your lover, has changed. I know it is starting to tunnel through…

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