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Problematic literature

Lolita is problematic as a literary classic. Written by Russian author Vladimir Nabokov, the book introduces a narrator so hateful and so unreliable it’s both hard to read, and yet compelling enough a concept to read on. Humbert Humbert is a man sentenced to death for murder, though his real crime relates to his love…


Hollywood’s ageless sex

It is fair to say that at some point in their lives, 99 percent of people will struggle with their perception of themselves and their bodies, particularly during a time when it is changing, such as adolescence. Our media is obsessed with looks, there are constant lists being created with titles like ‘Hollywood’s Best Bums’…

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Transphobic stickers appear on campus

Transphobic messages have appeared on stickers around campus and in the city centre over the last week. It is currently unclear who is responsible for distributing the stickers, but UEA Security and Norfolk Police are investigating while also responding to reports made by taking down the stickers. The stickers contain extremely offensive messages which question…